We are an established pre-school having formed in 1990 as The Village Playgroup. We aim to provide the highest quality education and childcare for all our children, making a warm and caring nursery environment within which all children can learn and develop as they play.

Our day to day activity reflects and embraces the diversity of the local community. We aim to offer a welcome to each individual child and family and aim to make every group feel included.

Learning through play is very important to how a young child develops. During each session, children have a choice of activities including: 

  • sand and water;

  • painting;

  • sticking and other arts & crafts; 

  • a home corner; 

  • a small world playset, e.g. a farm, castle, dinosaur island or space station;

  • different construction bricks;

  •  ICT toys;

  • a cosy book area with cushions. 

As well as this, there are other activities such as making playdough, cooking, puzzles,games and much more!   

Toys and activities are changed daily and we try to find different ways of presenting familiar activities. In addition, we put out greengrocers, supermarket, bakers, hairdressers, puppet theatre, office, hospital on a rota system.

Every session provides a physical time when the children can use large and small physical toys and equipment, for example, tricycles, scooters and climbing frames. We have use of the outdoor patio, substantial grounds and tennis court all year round.

Children are also encouraged to participate in team games, singing sessions and tidy-up time.

The Pre-school Curriculum follows the new statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage.  This places stronger emphasis on three Prime areas:

  • personal, social and emotional;

  • physical and communication

  • language.  

Growth and development in the Prime areas will help children in the additional four Specific areas of 

  • literacy,

  • maths,

  • understanding the world 

  • expressive arts and design.

Throughout the year, we have visitors such as musicians and artists, celebrate different annual festivals and events and take the children on outings to places both local and further afield. The tennis club's instructor runs tennis sessions for the children during the warmer months.