• All of our staff members are being tested 3 times a week, including any visitors / students. This is to ensure safety for both staff and children here at the pre-school.

  • Rapid testing is available to families, please see the following link for all information on testing available to families -

  • We still continue to implement the current government guidelines and rules, and have been working very hard to ensure things are as safe as possible for both our preschoolers and staff.  

  • We have carried out an in-depth risk assessment which parents are welcome to view upon request.

  • We still continue to work a 'one bubble' system consisting of a maximum of thirty children plus five staff members.

  • We have also asked parents/carers to wear a face covering at drop off and collection times whilst entering the pre-school, to adhere to the social distancing rules and follow the one-way system in place.

  • We ask that only one parent/carer is onsite to drop off and collect children.

  • There are still many unknowns in this pandemic so we may need to adjust things if we find they are not working as well as they could be.

  • In the event that we have a positive test within The Village Pre-School, we would need to close immediately and everyone would need to self isolate for 10 days.  We understand this may be inconvenient for some of you however we can not stress the importance of safety at this current time.

If you wish to discuss this matter further with us please do not hesitate to ring us on 020 3643 3839 or email us at or

  Revised March 2021