What We Do

Staff Roles and Responsibilities

At The Village Pre-school not only do the staff care for and nurture the children in our care but our roles as Early Years Educators exceeds this. We are also...
.....role models
.... supervisors

As Early Years Educators we have a duty to ensure the health, safety and well being of the children in our care. 

Meet The Team

The Pre-School Manager


Kelly Girling

(On Maternity Leave)

Acting Pre-School Manager


Beth Aggus

Deputy Manager

Marcella Ba'Lind

(On Maternity Leave)

Acting Deputy Manager

Uzma Shuja

Office and Account Manager

Gemma Gisbourne

Early Years Practioner Level 3

Dziuginta Mayache

Early Years Practioner Level 3

Indra Gray

Early Years Practioner 

Sue Oudit